• Domestic and international manufacturing strategy -- assessment, development, modeling & simulation, and testing before client resource commitment.
  • Alignment of strategic goals and performance measures -- tightly linking corporate,  strategic business unit,  operations and manufacturing KPIs and their near real-time monitoring.
  • Strategic Business Unit (SBU) and plant-level strategic reviews and assessment.

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Ellis Strategy Group works closely with the C-suite through the strategic business units to the plant-level and into the supply chain.  We assist our clients to efficiently and optimally link, make transparent, communicate and attain strategic, tactical, operational and performance goals.

Deploying advanced dynamic modeling and simulation tools, we rigorously test strategies before client resource commitment and implementation. Using these tools, our international thought leaders and practitioners assist our clients to anticipate and flexibly adapt to changing market conditions and competition.  

We are particularly pleased to provide our clients the rare capability of integrating each level of strategy, performance goals and their implementation. Our singular focus is on providing groundbreaking tools and approaches that are innovative, practical and provide a competitive edge.